Field Erection Services

EVOLV INDUSTRIAL provides factory boiler erection services throughout North America. We only use factory technicians who are highly trained and experienced in the field assembly of EVOLV boilers. Field crew supervisors will meet with those involved at the project site and determine best practices for seamless execution of the assembly. EVOLV crews will provide the fastest, most efficient way to erect EVOLV boilers saving precious time and money. Engineers and end users appreciate this service as they are confident the boiler is being assembled by factory people insuring all is site manufactured to specification. Mechanical Contractors only need to prepare the site. Upon completion, EVOLV notifies the Mechanical Contractor that the site is ready for them to come in and perform all required piping and other mechanical work.

With EVOLV field manufacture, there is never a question regarding warranty. EVOLV takes full responsibility of the assembly and required ASME field testing witnessed by an Authorized Inspector. All ASME paperwork and certifications are controlled by EVOLV.