Q. Why would I consider an EVOLV design over designs that have been around for decades?

A. There has been little progress in design of the primary heat exchangers of industrial (D, O and A type) boilers. EVOLV has a modern, rapid transfer rate heat exchanger offering highest available efficiencies without the need for external devices to achieve these efficiencies.


Q. What are the standard efficiencies of an EVOLV boiler?

A. Standard efficiencies are 85% water, 81% steam. Note these are STANDARD “out of the box” efficiencies and are based on real usage. EVOLV does not utilize deceptive “HHV” calculations.


Q. What fuel can be burned in an EVOLV boiler?

A. EVOLV boilers are suitable to burn # 2 oil, natural gas, propane, digester gas or a combination of fuels.


Q. Can EVOLV boiler be assembled on site?

A. Yes. In fact, many designs allow for field erection without any code welding whatsoever! All Evolv boilers are available with several site assembled options to mitigate field labor which will ultimately save time and money.


Q. What about serviceability?

A. Evolv boilers are the easiest boilers to service in their class. Individually removable panels provide access to all tubes from the outside without the need for cutting and welding. Additionally, all controls are placed in an area easy to read and service.


Q. Where do I obtain more detailed information and engineering data?

A. Contact EVOLV directly. We will make a general assessment of your project’s particular needs and make recommendations.  Our core focus is to partner with our clients to provide the absolute best solution for a specific need.